What is LinkTheBible?

LinkTheBible™ is a survey being carried which will be a bold statement to business owners in the world that having Jesus in your heart is the most fashionable thing to do, and that life and excitement can only be found in Him and nowhere else.

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Sanctify the networks


‘If the children of darkness can link pornography and many other fake things to the networks for FREE, then how can they not give us FREE access to that which gives life to all men?’


The mission of LinkTheBibleNow™ and PunishTheDevil™

Your voice shall shape this planet to make it ready for Jesus’ return!

A recent survey has shown that all Mobile Phone Companies in the world have the capacity of linking at least one version of the Bible to their servers and allow each of their customers to search and read the Bible from their handsets for FREE!

That sounds a lot better than searching nude pictures, or endless gaming and mind entertainment which all only seek to drive people away from God! In England for instance, 3Mail has on each cell-phone handset given access to more than 13 doors into nude images and a wide spectrum of earthly mind entertainment, of which many are free to view.

The only reason why companies like this one offer many of these things on their phone systems is because they have seen that people want them. They don’t know YET that many of us abhor such things. I was stunned recently while hearing that a website advertising using a picture of Kate Moss

in a near nude stunt became so popular that in a few days, the website crushed. If porn has

has become more popular than God, the fault is not God’s but is clearly ours, since the Bible clearly

declares that in God’s presence, is joy loaded, that cannot be matched with anything in the realm of time. We are the ones who have failed to make God popular, and indeed it must be said: ‘Shame On Us!’

The mission of LinkTheBibleNow™ and PunishTheDevil™ is to make sure that every mobile handset on earth has been given free access to the Bible before Jesus comes! If we can all vote and demand the service, phone providers will obviously see that the only way for them to lure customers and make us stay on their networks is by providing the Link to The Bible for FREE! The reason why there is free pornography is because there is a huge demand for it, so if we can all demand for the Book that sets mankind free, in no time at all, companies will end up going the way of us the crowd, from where the money can only come!

Think about it, the whole Bible on every cell-phone handset for FREE! Sounds too good? Anything on planet earth is possible if we can all be of a united mind for this cause. God shows us that even sinful men when they are united in one mind can do a few impossible acts [Genesis 11:6]

This survey will also make the statement that will facilitate for Live Christian Video to be made accessible on mobile handsets across the world For FREE.

Ladies and Gentlemen, shall we allow the devil to continue to walk freely on planet earth?

Pass your verdict!.